Name:  Kombat Marshall Seth Vigo

Genus: Sylvern

Varben:  Ferus

Weapon of choice:  Katana

Background:  Was a Kombat Trooper in a deep cover War Band.  During one operation he found himself becoming a berserker, Ephialtes.  This made him feel disgust at the monster he believed he had become.  The result was his mental breakdown which took Healers and Talkers twelve months to help overcome his self-loathing.  On his return, he was different.  Focused.  Cold. 

Profile:  Head of Kombat at the Kollegium.  On his eventual return to Kombat Faction he showed an innate skill in planning war fighting operations.  He has an unrelenting hatred of all things Shadow and lives and breathes Kombat Faction.  He not only has great tactical skill, he is also ruthless in achieving victory.  He does not take prisoners.  The Tuans, Seconds and Kombat Troopers in all the Sylvern War Bands trust and respect him especially as, when required, he is not afraid to put himself in harms way to gain victory.  

Physical Description: Piercing blue eyes.  Very short cut jet black hair, almost blue, greying slightly at the sides. Well muscled, powerfully built.  Exudes authority and is clearly a warrior.