It’s a bit of a wobbly and shouty world at the moment

It’s a bit of a wobbly and shouty world at the moment

Like most writers I’m continually looking around me to see what’s happening in the world and wondering what elements might be used in the work I am currently writing.   I think that at the moment this world of ours is somewhat ‘wobbly’, (a robust technical term for which I give no apology.)  We have wobbles, (that term again), in a host of geographical areas; the UK (political), the US (political / guns / racism), Europe (political / terrorism / asymmetric warfare), as well as the Far East (political power plays – China flexing its muscles and causing concern to their neighbours), the Middle East, (too much, too complex for this blog.)  Interestingly, a common driver for much of the rage felt in the above is inequality in all its various forms…

Everywhere just seems angry and ‘shouty’.  Not a good feeling for many.  Not a good feeling at all.  I think, sometimes, that if I used some of what’s happening, my readers would consider it beyond fanciful.  Isn’t it unfortunate that it is not?  So, what can we do?  For a start, we can try to stop buying into the use of threats and force.  They invariably have a cost and, again invariably, they have a tendency to fail in both the medium and long term.  


We also need to reclaim our humanity, our common humanity, from those who gain financially and politically from creating a world where we ignore it.

Unfortunately, that’s where we have another problem.  Our 24 hour media and those who control it, the politicians who are subject to their influence, social media, all impact on our perceptions.  The world is going to hell in a hand basket we are told.  Actually it’s not.  It’s going to hell in a hand basket because of the (put your own racial, religious, gender, political stereotype in here).  Again, actually it’s not.  There are too many stories of people’s bravery and compassion for this to be allowed to remain the dominant image of our world.  I’ve written before about the humanity that I see around me / us and which is ignored.  Keep in mind, bad news sells.  

So, to my fellow human beings, we need to remain optimistic and not allow others to take away our belief in the decency and compassion of others  A tad difficult since, at the moment, the wobbly and shouty bit of our world is rather loud.  We need to do what we can to un-wobble and mute them by not allowing their inchoate and self interested view of our world to become ours.  


J J Mitchell

‘Never leave anyone behind…’