Komplexity Kouncil:  The name by which the Kouncil of Mavens is known in the world of Korum.  This group is at the apex of Sylvern society and has representatives from the three separate Factions that comprise the Korum.  Within each Faction there are a number of discrete Castes.    

Kombat Faction:  The Caste who do the fighting and intelligence gathering in the world of Normals.  Within this group are Hunter Caste, those who meld with Kats;  Eagle Riders such as Bracken; and a number of other Castes, some of which Kombat Faction keep very quiet about.  Two examples are: The Restitution – Sylvern who are sent deep into Normal Phasetime to assassinate Shadow and Shadow Normals;  the Kold Walkers who rescue Sylvern or Restitution operatives lost or wounded in the Kold.  Both are elites and rarely spoken about.  

Kombat Faction have a very flat command structure:  Kombat Marshall;  Kombat Master;  Tuan (War Band Leader);  Kombat Second;  Kombat Trooper. 

Kontemplativ Faction:  As the name would suggest, this is the group of Castes whose disciplines are values and arts related.  For example, philosophy; law; poetry; literature.  Within this Faction are the Inquisitoria. This is the Caste used to interrogate others, be they Sylvern, Shadow or Normals.  They use slither torks – instruments that allow them to probe deeply into the mind of those they are questioning.  Considered by many as a necessary evil, they are treated with nervous respect by many.  Some fear them – and in one case, rightly so. 

Kraftguild Faction:  The largest group within Sylvern society.  Examples include technicians, farmers, land workers, engineers, scientists, teachers, healers and talkers.  In sum, all the roles that enable the Korum to work effectively.    

Social:  When meeting another Sylvern for the first time, the formal greeting would be something similar to, ‘Greetings, (name of the individual being greeted), I see you.  My name is… , I am of (for example), Wood Workers Caste,’ or, in the case of a Kombat Trooper, ‘of the Askari, (the War Band name.)’  The right hand is placed flat to the chest and the individual nods briefly. 

Travel:  Sylvern are able to travel between the Korum and the world of Normals by opening portals and travelling to their desired location via the Kold. Stepping through the portal, the traveller visualises where they wish to go, and a red glow appears and stretches before them.  The Kold allows Sylvern to travel vast distances quickly.  Travelling this way does have its dangers since stepping off the path into the swamp is invariably fatal.  It is not a pleasant death.

Other information:  Should a Sylvern be hurt in their own world it will take very little time for them to heal. That is why when any Sylvern is wounded in Normal Phasetime, and especially with potentially fatal injuries, the priority is to return  them to the Korum.  The world of the Sylvern is an innately healing place.