Millennia ago, the Sylvern were one race.  Separation came after the discovery they could Phasetime shift between their own world and another, Earth.  Considering it superior, one group wanted to make Earth their own.  Humanity would either be enslaved or destroyed.  They were opposed by those wishing to live in harmony with Normals as they called humans.  

Disagreement became bitter.  

The result was a civil war that killed thousands.  Fighting took place in the Korum as well as Normal Phasetime. It was a vicious, no quarter given conflict crossing all relationships, Factions and Castes.  Realising they were losing, those wishing to enslave humankind began to retreat.  One day they had gone.  Disappeared.  No one knew where or how. 

Suddenly the Korum was quiet.  No war.  No fighting.  The end of fear.  The end of killing. 

Or so it was thought.  

After a shocking attack on one of their groups in Normal Phasetime, the Sylvern discovered their enemy had genetically transformed themselves.  They had moved into another world with a different Phasetime causing their skin colour to change from light green to a light shade of grey. 

The Shadow were born.  

The war was renewed and the killing began.  Again…