Name:  Riordan McKay

Genus: Normal (Human)

Weapon of choice:  Beretta 92FS, tanto bladed combat knife

Background:  Did not know much about his parents who were killed in a car accident.  Brought up by his aunt and uncle in Edinburgh who left him their flat and sufficient money in their will for him to live comfortably.  

Joined the Army and eventually became involved in Special Operations.  After an incident in Afghanistan he decided the demands of his role were no longer for him.  On return to the UK, he resigned his commission.  

On a work related trip to Brazil he met Constance.  They married and had a daughter, Grace, or Gracie as they called her.  Riordan lost his wife and child in a car bomb meant for him.

Profile:  Is riven by guilt over the loss of his family.  Took to alcohol to deaden the pain.  He eventually decided that suicide was the only option left to him.  That is when he met Alegria.  There is a link, currently not yet understood, between them.  Since then his skills have been used by the Sylvern in their fight against Shadow.  

Physical Description:  Close cropped brown hair, deep green eyes, and a pale, slim, well-muscled long-limbed body.