Name:  Patrik Knutt (aka Nux)

Genus:  Sylvern

Varben:  Yasuo

Weapon of choice:  Two handed long sword with a large pommel

Background:  Is a great orator.  Of the Kontemplativ Faction, parents are writers, hence his skill with language.  Had a very loving home as well as strong family ties with his three sisters – he was the youngest.   

Physical Description:  About the same size as Alegria, i.e. tall for a Sylvern, and slim.  His eyes are golden and full of laughter.  Fair hair.

Other information:  Very personable, well spoken.  Is very good at Softness and is supple, incredibly fast and has a good brain.  Analyses situations very quickly.  Provides the ‘political’ analysis that Alegria sometimes lacks.  However, there is something that only one other person in the Kollegium knows, he has a background and skill set that belies his affable nature.  Nux is not what he seems and it is only later that Alegria realises how useful his skills can be.