Forgetfulness – the real cost of war

Well, it’s an interesting time in the world, that’s for sure.  We have POTUS 45, who railed against POTUS 44 for even considering the use of missiles against Syria, authorising the use of 59 cruise missiles to attack the Syrian airbase of Al-Shayrat.  Each missile has a unit cost of $1.8 million, thus $106.2 million… Read More »

Turbulent times all round…

Well, I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise. Confusion and mendacity continue on both sides of the pond. In the case of the current President of the United States, he’s doubling-down via his early morning tweets. Over here in the UK, we continue to experience the confusion caused by the Brexit vote. The lie regarding the… Read More »

‘We the People’ and ‘Three Beautiful Human Minutes’ – the power of the moving word, the power of the moving picture

Isn’t it fascinating how people can be moved by, and act on, a belief they have imbibed since birth.  As a writer, this intrigues me.  In the United States, the Constitution comes to mind.  The separation of powers: legislative, executive and judicial.  It begins, ‘We the People…’ and so it should.  It was written to prevent the… Read More »