Name:  Keet Feeby

Genus: Sylvern

Varben:  Darkness

Weapon of choice:  Various

Background:  Alegria’s Dad.  Partner to Gloria.  Teaches at the school Alegria attends.  

Profile:  Where his family is concerned, Keet is a soft touch.  He adores Gloria and loves Alegria unconditionally. He is the one who ignored Gloria’s (feigned) disapproval when he made the young Alegria scream with laughter when chasing her around their home pretending to be a ‘monster with big claws.’  He is also the one responsible for telling Alegria her real name on her return from her first term at the Kollegium.  A gentle man who shows what he used to be when circumstances demand it.   Like Gloria, he is very proud of his daughter and the way she is developing. 

Physical Description: Grey eyes that crinkle when he smiles – which is often.  Blonde hair cut very short.