Name: Bracken Reedfly

Genus: Sylvern, Eagle Rider (Eagle: András)

Varben:  Beth

Weapon of choice:  Gladius

Background:  As part of their development, Eagle Riders are trained in hand to hand fighting from a very young age.  They are also taught to control emotion.  Anything that is not logical is considered inefficient and Eagle Riders dislike inefficiency.  Eagle Riders tend not to marry outside their Caste and, due to their belief in logic, find artificial Parthenogenesis acceptable.  It allows them to breed slim, but very strong bodies that are suited to ride Eagles. 

Physical Description:  Slight of build, wiry and very strong.  Blue-black long hair pulled back into a pony tail.  Eyes as dark as deepest night. 

Other information:  Self-contained, quiet and deadly, shows little emotion.  Precise in her use of words.  Analyses situations quickly and remains calm under pressure. Her coldness and control can sometimes give the impression that she is emotionally cold – not so, as shown by her deep love for her Eagle, András.  There seems to be some hurt in her somewhere, but Bracken is very private.