Name:  Alegria Feeby

Genus: Sylvern

Varben:  Zastra

Weapon of choice:  Katana

Background:  Brought up by her parents Gloria and Keet Feeby.  When she was young Gloria and Keet told that her she was given to them by a Kombat Trooper.  On Alegria’s return home from the Kollegium after her first term, she is told the truth.  This clarifies for her why she feels and behaves in the way that she does. 

Profile:  Can be quite thoughtful when placed in danger or under pressure.  Is able, naturally, to remain situationally aware.  In the main has a controlled aggression when war-fighting but sometimes allows her fury to overcome her common sense.  Still learning the way of Kombat, she appears to be a natural leader.  Like most Sylvern, she tends to have a dark sense of humour.  Can be head-strong and appear arrogant at times, but this is often a front for her nervousness.  

Physical Description:  Slightly taller than usual for a Sylvern.  Blonde hair down to her shoulders.  Usual feline shaped eyes with high cheekbones.  Wings tight to her back, a sense of quiet and purpose.  Long-limbed, intensely blue eyes with a hint of gold.  Tight, firm body that is able to give a good account of itself in combat.