So, why do we write when it can be such a pain in the bum?

I have a Twitter account as well as Facebook page.  Twitter allows me to touch base with other, in the main, like-minded folk and Facebook generally with friends and family.  Today’s blog is about the former.  I’ve already written posts about some writers, e.g. Lexi Lefevre (fabulous poet) as well as Doug Wallace (great SciFi inkster).  I’ve left feedback on the latter’s book on Good Reads here.  It’s a good book and worth reading if you’re into fantasy.  

It’s the quality of the poetry, the use of words and the imaginative worlds they create that so impress me.  I learn from them.  I enjoy what they write.  I delight in how clearly they let you know what they’re thinking and feeling.  And they do it because they love it.  Of course, and I’d be naive to think otherwise, we would all love to be the next great success story.  Have films made of our books, or television programmes about our work and who and how we came to write such a great novel / poem, whatever…  The majority of us will never achieve that.  We should, if the world was fair, but we won’t.  Because it isn’t.  

I write, like many others, for the simple reason that I enjoy it.  It frustrates the crap out of me sometimes hence my tweeting dreadful jokes so that everyone else can suffer, especially when I’m editing.  Example:  ‘How old are you, Cap’n? (to Pirate Captain); ‘Aye, matey.’  Geddit?  Dreadful or what?  These tweets usually elicit comments or even worse jokes in response.  To those who do manage to out ‘bad-joke’ me, I salute you.  Your value to the world with your humour in these especially perilous times cannot be overestimated.  

Continue to write, it’s right to write.  Continue to enjoy your writing.  It’s why you should do it.  Persist.  Never give up.  Ever.  

Finally, write for you and the joy this brings.  To you.  To others.  There may be more of the latter than you might think. 

J J Mitchell

‘Never leave anyone behind…’

4 thoughts on “So, why do we write when it can be such a pain in the bum?

  • 13th October 2017 at 4:47 pm

    Because you simply must, dear writer, you must!

    • 13th October 2017 at 5:11 pm

      We are of one mind, Polly.

  • 13th October 2017 at 5:34 pm

    You owe it to the world! <3

    • 13th October 2017 at 5:48 pm

      All of us, Dona. It’s what we do.


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