Let’s give it up for the person in the street…

If I came from another planet and looked at all that was happening in the world today I’d be thinking ‘what insanity.’  There is this third rock from the sun which has stunning beaches, mountains, forests and seas.  We have cities of which we can be proud and others, well, not.  And, for the moment, we have a beautiful world that we need to protect and nurture.  

There are so many decent and kind people in this world of ours.  In fact, they’re the majority.  I have seen pure love in the smile a mother gives her child.  I have seen the bravery of an individual standing up for what they believe, even if they are in the minority.  I have seen compassion shown by one to another.  But do we hear about this?  Do we read about this? You know the answer as well as I, we do not.  We are fed stories of hate – hate of colour, belief system, sexual orientation, whatever, by those who ‘profit’ from this.  With the media, it’s all about ‘click bait’; it’s about subscribers; it’s about advertisers; and ultimately, it’s about the money that can be put into the coffers of those that are already rich and politically influential. With so many politicians, it’s about power and gaining office.  Currently some are using negative stereotypes in their attempt to gain that power.

So, before we think this world is going to hell in a hand cart, let’s give it up to those, the majority, who care about others; who put the interests of others before themselves; whose value systems prevent them from taking advantage of those less strong; to those who protect the weak; and those who dislike cruelty to human kind and non human kind. In other words, to the great majority of people who live on this bustling, argumentative, frustrating, loving, caring, and fabulous world that we call our own.

To the others, the greedy, the avaricious, the power hungry, the hate mongers, keep in mind that in those last thirty seconds of life that you know you have left to you, you will be naked to the reality of your life and the destruction you wove.  For me the saying, ‘there are no pockets in a shroud’, resonates.  The quality of the life you have lived can be seen by the regret of your passing; by the hole left in the lives of others; of the smiling, and sometimes laughter that follows when someone talks about you.  These, as I have said before, are the reactions of the majority to the majority.  And so it should be.   

So, again, let’s give it up for the person in the street – for that is us.  

JJ Mitchell

‘Never leave anyone behind…’

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