Letting go of the tiger’s tail…

Letting go of the tiger’s tail…

My last blog was about how easy it is to create hate.  I still feel the same.  In fact, looking at the media in the intervening period we are now seeing a ratcheting up of emotions in the political arena.  In the US there have been fist fights, fortunately nothing more than that at the moment, (one can only hope this remains the case), but the anger and hatred between people is being increased. Being played upon.  Being used.  In sum, the body politic is becoming venomous.  Unhealthily so. 

Then let’s add the media to the mix. When one has a media that cites ‘in the public interest’ and lambasts those who cannot protect themselves, (the poor and the powerless), and then hides the misdeeds of those with power;  when one has a media that relies on advertising revenue to make money for the oligarchs that own them;  when one has an elite and a political process that only allow those with money, (or the ability to obtain it with promises of future benefit), to aim for power, then you have a powder keg in the making.  And it’s becoming dangerously hot.  

As an observer of human behaviour I have noted this simmering resentment for the last eight years or so.  It became a tad more obvious when the fiscal meltdown occurred in 2008.  It was exacerbated further when those whose greed and irresponsible behaviour caused the crash were able to escape any penalty.  Interestingly, now I’m hearing that we might be on the verge of another fiscal earthquake.  And those who initiated this before?  Well, they’re the ones who remain in power, have retained their uber rich benefits, and the media machine continues to pump out, ‘in the public interest’.  Really?  What interest do / should we have in the ‘meedja’ wannabes whose outrageous behaviour makes them click-bait.  Ah, the marketing arm that’s involved in maximising revenue.  

So, the reason for this blog.  Currently we have a world where those trying to escape being killed are vilified; those whose race, creed or colour differ from the blowhards spouting their hatred are termed an ‘enemy’ and, slowly but surely, one can see that the tiger is beginning to stride towards the centre of our world. 

Finally, when these blowhards achieve power, what are they going to do then?  Will they change their tone?  Will they be able to? Or will they see the tiger padding towards them? 

JJ Mitchell

‘Never leave anyone behind…’