Enter ‘The Schlachten’…

An interesting start to 2016.  To Anaheim and the Craft and Hobbies Association Mega Show with the love of my life; visiting Disneyland – surreal and not in a good way; Knott’s Berry Farm – fascinating insight to the history of the West, not many visitors;  Universal Studios – stunning, great fun and well managed; visiting friends of many years – a delight;  San Francisco – interesting and divided society symptomatic of much that exists in America.   

As an independent writer, I’m continually trying to see, not just look, (and there is a difference), at the world(s) in which I find myself.  As a I try to see what is about me I find that thoughts go through my mind such as, ‘Why are there so many homeless people here?’  ‘How do they survive?’  ‘Where do they go at night?’  ‘Are they a ‘tribe’ or is it everyone for themselves?’  Ultimately, ‘I wonder if I can use that alienation from society and its political and economic values and their experience of poverty in ‘Kold Kronicles Book 2: Defiance’?’  

Actually I can.

In the second book of ‘The Kold Kronicles’, I have developed a group called ‘The Schlachten’.  The word derives from the German and means, ‘to slaughter, to butcher, to kill.’  Seems about right with what I have in mind for them.  As to how they’re created, that’s where alienation, atomisation and anger at society comes in.  Who are the ‘invisibles’ who won’t be missed if they disappear?  Answer:  the poor.  Plus, poverty exists throughout the world, sometimes more extreme in some countries than others.  Therefore, members of The Schlachten can be from any race or creed.  The poor remain invisible to the majority of society, and that can only be useful when a writer is looking for a group to change into killing automatons.  After all, what have they got to lose?  

JJ Mitchell

‘Never leave anyone behind…’

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