1: Discovery – the first book of The Kold Kronicles trilogy.

Discovery - KK - KP snagit

The world around us is not just what we see.  It comprises other, hidden, worlds.  Humans who have the ‘gift’ of being a Sensitive or Seer are able to see the inhabitants of the two other worlds as they transit between our world and theirs.  There are the Sylvern and their world they call the Korum. There is another, a darker world, the world of the Shadow.  Before they changed into the dark, grey skinned enemies of humanity they are today, they too were Sylvern.

The Shadow wish to take over the world of Humans and dominate it.  Take it for their own.  In their vision of the future, there is no place for humankind, or Blands, as they call them.  

The only defence against the Shadow’s success is the Sylvern Kombat Faction – and at the moment they are losing the war…

We follow Alegria Yume, a young Sylvern, as she begins her training at the Kombat Kollegium to become a Kombat Trooper in a Sylvern War Band.  She learns not only about fighting techniques, and warfare, but also about herself and her background.  The latter was not what she thought.  It was never what she thought.  It is why she can never be the same again. 

People are going to die.  And not well…