1: Discovery – the first book of The Kold Kronicles trilogy.

Discovery- Kold Kronicles Book 1

The world around us is not just what we see.  It comprises other, hidden, worlds.  Humans who have the ‘gift’ of being a Sensitive or Seer are able to see the inhabitants of the two other worlds as they transit between our world and theirs.  There are the Sylvern and their world they call the Korum. There is another, a darker world, the world of the Shadow.  Before they changed into the dark, grey skinned enemies of humanity they are today, they too were Sylvern.

The Shadow wish to take over the world of Humans and dominate it.  Take it for their own.  In their vision of the future, there is no place for humankind, or Blands, as they call them.  

The only defence against the Shadow’s success is the Sylvern Kombat Faction – and at the moment they are losing the war…  

People are going to die.  And not well…


2: Defiance – the second book of The Kold Kronicles trilogy.

The battle has taken place with the death of many on both sides. Sylvern and their allies are blood weary, soul tired. The cost has just been too much. No-one survives warfighting unscathed. No-one. They need to rest and regroup.  

However, the Shadow and their allies are not yet beaten and are preparing their next assault on our world.

Alegria and The Hidden, Riordan and The Diggers, along with others in Kombat Faction must find and destroy the laboratory where a new strain of genetically engineered super soldiers is being created. All this whilst political, legal, financial and media elites are attempting to frame a world that will enable our democracies to be undermined and eventually overthrown.  

They need help.  

The clock is ticking. Tick-tock.